Monday, October 22, 2007


Last Friday, my Japanese friend Marie (the one I went bowling with a few weeks ago) invited me to "play sport." I agreed before I really knew what that entailed, but let me tell you, it was fabulous!

So we went to this "fun center" building and paid 1400Y (about $14) for three hours of access to three (huge) floors of ever game and sport imaginable. We played a multitude of arcade games (all free-play), basketball, badminton, tennis, did batting cages, archery, pingpong, curling (yes, CURLING!), and finally, an hour of karaoke. Things we could have tried: golfing (like mini driving range), fishing (with LIVE fish!), darts, go-kart racing, rollerblading, bowling... etc. Move over Disneyland, you've got competition for happiest place on earth or whatever - this might be the funnest place on earth! I plan to spend all winter there. haha.

Enjoy some pics! The group was Marie, Keiko, Aiyumi, Maggie, and me.

I said, "Are you ready? I wouldn't want to look stupid in my curling picture!" And then I slipped. hahaha Serves me right!

There we go. I look like a pro!

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